Robinson Fire @ 2014

RES      CUE
The North Carolina Association of Rescue & Emergency Medical Services Inc. has awarded Robinson Fire & Rescue two state certifications. Heavy Rescue Provider as well as High Angle Rescue Provider was achieved as a result of hard work and dedication to improving the equipment carried by the department. The rescue association only awards certifications to departments that meet very specific standards. Departments must have an extensive supply of equipment as well as personnel that are certified as Technical Rescuers and be evaluated by a state inspector before the departmental certifications are awarded. The certifications are acknowledgements by the Rescue Association that Robinson Fire & Rescue is equipped to handle the highest level of rescue service.
Robinson Fire & Rescue maintains a 2001 Spartan/Marion, 17’ Rescue which is equipped with a multitude of equipment.

Seating for 6 firefighters
• 6 bottle cascade system • Eagle fill station
• 9000W light tower • High pressure air bags
• Para-tech struts • Air chisel
• Electric saws-all • Battery saws-all
• Band saw • Exothermic Torch
• Swiftwater Rescue Equipment • High Angle Rescue Equipment
• Band saw • Exothermic Torch
• Swiftwater Rescue Equipment • High Angle Rescue Equipment
• Amkus Hydraulic System
20", 40" & 2 - 60" rams w/ 10" extension
-30cx Spreader, 10,500 psi
-25 Heavy "O" Cutter
-25E Speedway Cutter
-Panel Cutter
-Gas Simo Pump
-Electric Simo Pump
-Front bumper hydraulic line
-Chain Package
-Remote valve


Robinson Fire & Rescue also bought to accommodate new equipment a 12’ enclosed trailer. Extra equipment is now stored in the trailer for any heavy rescue situation.
• 4x4 – Cribbing Flood Lights
• 2x4 – Cribbing High Lift Jacks
• 6-6 – Cribbing
• Oxy-propylene Torch
• Pickets Sub pump
• Hand tools Cord Reels